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Original sound track of "L'Odyssée Normande", video mapping monumental - Abbaye-Aux-Dames - Caen by Bandit Visions 

1. Introduction (Thibault and Pablo Géléoc) 
2. Invasion (Thibault and Pablo Géléoc)) 
3. Le Conquérant (Thibault and Pablo Géléoc) 
4. Troubles (Thibault and Pablo Géléoc) 
5. Saccages et Restauration (Thibault and Pablo Géléoc) 
6. De Grands Desseins (Pablo and Thibault Géléoc, Magic Wish, Dj Bluff) 

with the voices of : 
Adélie Duteil 
Solveig Robbe (Song lyric) 
Joseph Deschamps, Félix Loison, Martin Loison (The Goaties) 

Recorded voices : Yann Rayon 
Mix and Master : Pablo Géléoc (Vaticaen home studio) 

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June 2016


released January 1, 2018 

Pablo Géléoc